How do your employees benefit from hoteling?

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The ideal flexible workplace configuration is one in which the employee experience is prioritized. It gives workers control over their time spent at work and offers space planners and facilities managers a plethora of information for designing and optimizing workplaces that are centered on people. And with 8 out of 10 generation Z’ers and millennials embracing flexible working, it’s the route you’ll want to follow if you’re going to keep your workforce of the future. Let’s go through what it is in detail and the advantages it can offer your business.

What exactly is hoteling?

Employees are required to reserve a desk at their place of employment in advance and check in when they arrive, much like when they rent a hotel room. The desks that employees use are not fixed. Instead, they reserve a hoteling desk for when they arrive at work. Less desks are required, and the reservation and check-in system guarantee that workers have a seamless workday. Desk hoteling software, like Neoffice, is used for both making and managing reservations. It is different from hot desking when desks are assigned based on first-come, first-served. Many employees prefer hoteling over hot desking since they never know with whom or where they’ll be sitting when they arrive. This is eliminated with a hoteling workspace.

What are the main advantages of office lodging from the viewpoint of the employee?

Flexibility in terms of where and how people choose to work

When a person has to come into the workplace, they reserve a space so they know a desk will be waiting for them at the location of their choice. People can work remotely whenever they choose. People can reserve office space, whether it’s in the middle of the action with coworkers or hidden away in a quiet corner, using office hoteling software like Neoffice

More readily available space

Employees making the switch from a fixed desk layout to a more flexible setup frequently worry about not being able to find a desk. This worry is allayed in two ways through hoteling. First, by selecting the appropriate desk booking system, customers will be able to see what is available and make reservations in advance. Second, you can return a reserved desk to the pool if it is not ultimately used, increasing the number of available desks throughout the workspace.

Boost participation among employees

A motivated team produces better work. People are inclined to work harder, take fewer sick days, and stay on the job longer. According to a study, job satisfaction and employee engagement are strongly correlated. Additionally, workers who felt that they had the most influence over their job generally expressed the highest levels of engagement. People who use hoteling have more control and are better able to meet their fundamental needs for comfort and cleanliness.

Many businesses are already looking into ways to reduce touch points in their workplaces, but some are also looking into touchless technology that doesn’t involve physical contact. For instance, employees could check-in and claim a desk with the touch of a button on their workplace app without having to interact with anyone or touch any shared screens. When the fundamentals are taken care of, people may enjoy their jobs, form close bonds with their coworkers, and reach their full potential.

Helps in implementing social distancing

In order to monitor and enforce social distance, the programme should also provide space planners with invaluable hyperlocal data that illustrates how frequently, for how long, and by whom each workstation is used. Touchless check-in via a workplace app may also offer contact tracking, which keeps track of who is seated next to whom at a particular desk.

Additionally, it enables companies to design a dynamic and adaptable workplace tailored to the requirements of their workforce. You can assist this by setting up office neighbourhoods in your facility. Fewer workstations allow for more flexible arrangements. You can plan your office such that teams have easy access to anything they could need, such as printing resources, conference rooms, or interactive whiteboards. Utilization information provided by booking software allows you to see what elements of your layout are effective and ineffective so you can adapt, optimize, and increase engagement

Increase staff morale

The phrase “9-to-5 grind” conjures up pictures of gloomy commutes on crowded trains or stressed-out employees tethered to desks. Office hoteling enables a hybrid office culture that restores the work-life balance, which aids employees in breaking free. Employees can benefit from less commuting, lower travel and lunch costs, and the pleasure of working from home or their preferred café because they are not expected to be in the office full-time.

The correct workplace technology will make sure they have a seamless experience when they do need to enter the office. There won’t be any stress over where they can sit or who they’ll be seated with. They may make reservations using an easy-to-use desk booking software, which also provides directions to their desk and an overview of where their coworkers are seated.

You can also take safety and health into account. You can assist your employees to feel safe in their workplace by making sure only clean desks are made available and seating arrangements follow social distancing guidelines.

More effective teamwork

You can reorganize workplace spaces to promote collaboration with fewer desks. Huddle areas, larger conference rooms, or communities built around activities that encourage team communication. You may make it easier for your staff to collaborate however they like.

Regular collaboration is still possible even when folks aren’t at work all week. Teams can reserve a regular workstation or collaboration area to keep up their rhythm, whether it’s a weekly planning meeting or a monthly project update gathering.

And lastly, you can assemble interdisciplinary teams. Working on a project that involves several departments may need visits to several floors or other campuses to meet with the necessary individuals. A project team can reserve workspaces in certain areas for the duration of the project via office hoteling. Each week at a set time, the project manager, accountant, business development lead, and any other important team members might all work together in the same location.

Helps with office networking

Folks can vary up their seating arrangements and get to know people they might not have otherwise encountered because they can reserve a desk anywhere in the office. Additionally, since there won’t be as many desks to cram in, you’ll be able to designate more room for networking. The hotel booking software’s usage data reveals which spaces are underused and could be better employed for networking, such as a breakout space or a relaxing area.

Few other things about the advantages of hoteling office space

Since digital native generation Z and millennials, who make up the majority of the workforce, want the freedom to choose where and when they work, a revolution in workplace culture has been simmering for some time.

We have all had to adjust to working remotely because of the pandemic. The next step for companies that put their employees first is to design dynamic, tech-driven workspaces. places of work that liberate staff members from the constraints of the daily commute and the conventional office desk or cubicle.

People can choose where they work and can benefit from a flexible workplace culture’s enhanced morale, more engagement, better collaboration, and more networking opportunities thanks to office space hoteling managed by the workspace booking software

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