Employee Transport Management System made safe and easy!

The only Secure at Source Employee Transport Management Solution which has built-in compliance, safety and security norms

Managing employee transportation is complex. Neoffice offers an automation solution to simplify operations and ensure a safe and stress-free commute for your employees.

Why Choose us?

Our product is a thoughtfully built, complete Transport lifecycle management solution which covers all aspects from the Demand to Fulfillment and the Delivery-to-Pay cycle which is completely within the solution ensuring no external dependencies

Unique BPMS Designed Solution

Our solution stands out from the rest as it utilizes a unique Business Process Management System (BPMS) architecture. This enables us to configure, customize, and adapt individual depths of complex functions like.
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Adequate controls
  • Helps Reducing Risks

    Automating the employee commute process ensures 
  • Reduce the risk of error
  • Ensures compliance with the process set by the client
  • Complete safety of your employees, travelling, especially women.
  • Reduces Costs

    Our solution helps with Automation of the Transport Operations which helps to optimise costs.
  • Reduction of Operation personnel 
  • Automatic assignment of vehicles to routes
  • Optimised routes using intelligent routing algorithms
  • Improves Employee Satisfaction

  • Ride information on the mobile app.​
  • In-house algorithm routing ensures the quickest route to work.
  • Safety features such as a panic alarm, and safe drop ensure the commute process safe 
  • Option to share ride Feedback on the app
  • Clients who have chosen Neoffice Employee Transport System

    Key Benefits Of Neoffice Employee Transport Management System

    We provide a complete transport life-cycle management solution with seamless management

    Safe & Secure

    We value your employee’s safety and have incorporated many safety features.


    Drop Safe Confirmation
    Calls to Driver via Masked Number
    Live Tracking​
    Auto Allocation of Escort for Lady Traveller
    Panic Alarm Button for Employee & Driver App
    Instant Alert for Vehicle Deviation
    lady in cab

    Intelligent Routing

    Our intelligent proprietary routing algorithm uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. It is proactive, thus making it completely automated optimized routing.

    Your Benefits:

    Enhance your employee transport system cost effectively
    Built -in algorithm ensures minimizing the distance and maximizing vehicle occupancy
    The intelligent algorithm prevents routing if a female employee is the first pick up or last drop without an escort in the vehicle.
    Only Solution with three options for Routing- Intelligent, Fixed and Mirror Routing

    Multiple Scheduling Options

    We have multiple options for Scheduling options.

    Self Scheduling by Employee on App
    Admin / Team Manager Scheduling in bulk
    Adhoc or late night booking by employee on app
    Airport Pickup or Drop by employee on app
    Team outing booking on app


    Driver Compliance Module which tracks Police Verification, License Expiry, Badge Expiry, Etc
    Vehicle Compliance Module which Cover RC Book, Insurance Expiry, PUC Expiry Etc.
    Both Above Have Pre Defined Alerts which Starts - 30 Days Onwards Till Date Of Expiry
    All Transactions In Webapp Have A Audit Trail.
    Escort Automatically Added If First Or Last Drop Is A Women Employee
    OTP Authentication Must For Escort Without With Trip Cannot Start
    All PI Information On Cloud Is Encrypted.

    Smart Billing

    No more waiting for bill approvals, our solution has a automated billing system . It is completely digitized for a hassle free billing.
    Complete Separate Billing Module Available Covering All Aspects Of Transport Billing
    Different Billing Type Can Be Inputted
    EV Billing Option Available

    Communication Portal

    We have a Communication Portal for the users

    Inbuilt communication portal for client to plan event based communication to different users on transport.
    Communications can be sent by in-app notifications, SMS or email. Client can to send in any the modes.
    IVRS calling also available to as security feature to avoid mobile number visibility

    Dashboards and Reports

    Comprehensive 25+ reports covering all information required from transport operations available
    Interactive management dashboard available

    Best User Interface

    Monitor your complete corporate Employee Transportation on your fingertips. We help you to track and manage your Employee Transport activities on line using live tracking algorithms.

    User Friendly Mobile Apps

    Mobile Applications for the Employee and Driver with the best user friendly interface.

    User Friendly Mobile App For Employee Available On Both Google And Apple
    Driver App Available On Google Only
    Unified Single App Interface. Available For Workplace Features And Employee Transport.

    Other amazing features Of Neoffice Transport Management System

    With our user-friendly interface, you can give your employees the information they need to get to work safely and on time and help them do it all with a single click.

    Differential Booking Modules

    Robust Rostering System


    Transparent Business Operations

    User Defined Customer Reports
    Speed Violation Monitoring
    E-Trip Sheet
    Geofence Based Authentication

    What can each Stakeholder do?

    Register for transport service
    Receive trip details on mobile
    Receive trip details on mobile
    Book cab
    Register for transport service

    View Schedule

    Generate E-Trip Sheet


    Transport Administrator

    View Schedule

    Generate E-Trip Sheet

    the future of Transport made easy

    What is Employee Transport Management Solution?

    Neoffice Employee Transport Management solution is a comprehensive transport life-cycle management solution that provides seamless control and compliance to efficiently manage your transport operations. With our advanced automation solution, you can significantly reduce transport operation costs while providing your employees with a safe and secure commute. Choosing Neoffice Employee Transport Management helps in being efficient, cost-effective, and providing secure transportation management.

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