Back To Work made Simple

Automation solutions such as neoffice help in making back to work a simple process and help companies adopt a flexible working model with ease. 


Tools that help employees
coming back to work at office
easy and hassle-free

With Workplace Flexibility now becoming the future of work, where employees are given the flexibility to choose to work ,from home or office where could meet & collaborate with their colleagues or clients. Hence, a workspace management solutions can help ensure spaces are socially distanced and safe thereby giving employees the confidence needed to return to the office.


1. Workspace management system

Provide employees the flexibility to search and manage their seats and meeting room when they are back to work at office. Devise a seating strategy that works for all your stakeholders with the help of your office floor plan (i.e. flexible desks, fixed desks or a blend of both. )

Reserve a space on-demand

Easily find and book available desk or meeting rooms at your nearby workplace on NeOffice App.

Streamline collaboration

Find out in advance on our Team Planner feature colleagues working on-site so you can plan your schedule with your colleagues. Make the most of your workplace by syncing your calendars and collaborating for meetings easily.

Plan to co-work with your team

Plan the seating of your team who are coming back to work at office on our scheduling tool or book a seat closer to your colleague in a few clicks our mobile app. 

2. Workplace Health & Safety

Bring employees safely back to work by conducting health surveys and vaccination verifications prior to them come to office