Create delightful experiences with our visitor management system

Enhance your visitor experience from entry to exit while keeping everyone safe with our visitor management system. Leverage the latest technology to improve efficiency and security by welcoming visitors, capturing identification and credentials, tracking appointments and scanning badges with our single entry point solution. 


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Our visitor management system combines all aspects of the guest experience on one platform for easy maintenance, control, and data analysis.


Multiple check-in
workflows available

Pre-registered visitors can fill in their details and upload Identity proof via SMS/Email links sent to them by their hosts. Walk-in visitors can submit their documents at front desk.

Strengthened security

Monitor guest visits to office. Ensure complete security on the premises and restrict unwarranted visitors through the customized visitor management system that acts as a single face for all guest visits


Health screening for visitors

Promote a safe workplace by setting criteria for visitors to come on-site through health declaration. Vaccination status of visitors can also be integrated based on their consent.

Auto-alert hosts on visitor's entry

Using the visitor management system your employees will be automatically notified by email or other messaging channels when their guests check-in to office.

Simplified check-in for repeat visitors

Re-registering of repeat visitors is now made easy. Recurring guests only need to enter their name or contact details and the data will be auto-populated.

Customized badges for visitors

Visit pass/badges can be printed at front desk with necessary details and photograph.


Digital records for easy analysis

We optimize your visitor management system by giving insight into visitor logs, which visitors are most frequent, who hosts mosts visitor, visitor volume and much more. You can also export reports and store them offline.

Enhance guest experience across the enterprise with our visitor management system

You can manage a spectrum of visitors across all of your organization’s locations with an efficient workplace visitor policy. It is crucial for facility managers to adopt best practices & tools to provide the perfect visitor management system.

Understanding guest policy

Ensure that employees understand the specifics of your visitor policy. Include a review of the policy, case studies, and a Q&A session. as part of staff onboarding and make it available on-demand.

Keep the staff updated

Whilst making modifications to the policy, ensure to notify everyone via your company’s communication channels. Keeping your workforce informed reduces the number of errors they make when bringing guests on-site.

Set the right first impression

Redesign your lobby area for visitors to provide comfortable seating, offer refreshments and display your company booklets or magazines to get them better acquainted about your organisation

Improve overall experience

Closing a visit on a positive note will reflect well on your team, organisation, and brand, Take feedback to ensure a better experience 

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