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Manage your hybrid workspace with ease and complete control. Empower your employees to  book the facilities they need – seats, car park, meeting room, employee transport on one single app


We provide you with Hybrid Workspace Solutions that help create employee delight

Empower your employees to choose what they need at office. Book office desks, meeting rooms for collaborative work or inviting a client, all on a single interface. Book anytime from anywhere.


Desk Booking

Book desks or cubicles with the help of real-time floor plans on any preferred date, time or location.

Meeting Room Booking

Book a space to meet of your choice, invite your colleagues via calendar, mobile or web in a jiffy.

Visitor Management

Create delightful experiences for your guests with our simple, contactless solutions.

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Freedom to choose where & when to work

Intuitive Features which help employees plan their work schedules to maximize productivity.

Desk Booking
Seat Scheduling

Car Park Booking


Meeting Room


Visitor Management System


Employee Transport Automation


On-Demand Travel

3 Simple ways to Book your Workspace with a single click anytime, anywhere
Complete your booking in a few clicks on our webapp.
Quick bookings can be made through mobile app for iOS & Android.
Book via Slack, Microsoft Teams, integration with Outlook & Google Calendar available.

Essential features of NeOffice to help manage your Hybrid workplace solution

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Office space scheduling​

Manage an organization's real estate assets and physical space inventory.

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Set Business Rules​

Make policies about meeting durations and how far ahead of time spaces can be reserved.

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Accessible floorplans​

Notify stakeholders of changes, rescheduled meetings, and ad-hoc visitors via app or email.

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Workspace Data & Insights

View daily space usage, meetings, visitors, and more on one dashboard.

Booking on the Go

Using interactive kiosks and room displays, individuals may book available spaces on the go.

Accessible floorplans​

Employees book desks via visual maps; Admins/Project Leads schedule team seats.

the future of Work made easy

Learn how you can improve your hybrid workplace experience with the help of our solution.

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