Efficient Workspace Management

Workplace management is an essential component of your business strategy.  Using technology helps offer employees multiple options of work settings through smooth desk booking and meeting room booking.


Manage all aspects of your workspace management on a single platform.

Workspace management takes into account all  services, technologies, and processes that contribute to a successful workplace experience.

Bring all your workspace needs together

From booking Workstation Seats to Car Parking slots, Meeting and Collaboration room to Visitor Management, NeOffice facilitates all of these requirements in one single app.

Desk Booking With our workspace management system, employees can see in real-time their desk bookings status for days they plan to work from office , where they will be seated, and which colleagues are also coming in on same day.
Meeting Room Booking A meeting booking can be managed through a single workflow, either through our Web/ Mobile app, MS Outlook, or touch screen display outside meeting rooms. With reservation, guest invitation, and service ordering functionality, our workspace management platform can offer a smooth, stress-free meeting experience.
Visitor management Deliver a delightful visitor experience by replacing the traditional visitor sign-in book with innovative technology that automatically captures visitor demographics, photo, and reason of visit to make a favourable first impression on your visitors.

Optimize Office Occupancy

Maximize office real estate & productivity by adapting to the new normal of working and meeting employees’ changing needs that can be clearly measure through our workspace management system.

workspace- management

Utilize space efficiently Seamlessly manage office space and employee demand with NeOffice technology. To avoid negative impacts on operations and productivity, match employee demand with office space by offering flexible work arrangements.

Set rules of space booking : We enable you to assign rules for seat reservations like individual employee limits on office days and various attributes for different types of workspaces. In this way, employees always use the space that suits them and everyone can be accommodated fairly.

Support Remote workers

Support Remote workers Allow remote workers to be accommodated by connecting them to the office area as needed. Our workspace management solutions are accessible with a single click at any time and from any location. We provide employees with a working model and work-life balance that keeps them happy and maximises their productivity.