Create and administer Survey Forms to ensure a safe, healthy workspace.

Healthy Workforce, Safe workplace! Our interactive Survey Forms are designed to keep your employees healthy, safe and confident. With interactive surveys, you can encourage your employees to self-declare health status and certification of vaccination in a simple and secure way. With Survey Forms, you can easily establish criteria for who is permitted to work on-site and who is not.  


How it works?

Plan Schedule

Employee creates a schedule for the days planned to be spent at Office.

Complete Survey Form​

A digital health declaration survey is sent to them to fill and complete in the mobile app.

Submit Survey Form

The form is submitted for Review. Based on the Survey responses, decisions can be taken.

Generate Office Pass

the employee can display their Office Pass and get a contactless entry to work.

Key Features of Survey Forms that help you do much more


Ensure healthy employees come to work

Survey forms provide employees the option to certify their health through proof of vaccination, or a daily health check.

Decide who can access the workplace

Establish criteria for who is permitted to work on-site and who is not. Determine the number of people you bring back-to-work to make sure there is no overcrowding.


Comprehensive reports for decision making

Gain insights into workplace occupancy, employee logs and employee survey results through our centralised dashboard.

Get quick employees feedback

Our Forms can be used as polls on getting quick feedback on new employee policies or schemes. Take corrective actions based on feedback.

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