How to choose the right meeting room booking software?

meeting room booking software
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Meeting rooms are the backbone of a hybrid workplace. It also indicates the need for meeting room booking software for easy management. When the pandemic hit, most organizations implemented a work-from-home strategy, providing the tools necessary for online collaboration… from Zoom to Microsoft Teams to Google Meet.

Among the many challenges in a hybrid workplace, one of the most common complaints is planning a meeting room. Ironically, meetings are almost always used to connect employees and customers, regardless of their location. Therefore, there is no doubt that meeting rooms are always in high demand. However, maintaining and planning meeting rooms in a hybrid workplace presents challenges.

With interactive meeting room management software, many of this friction can be removed.  So, here’s how an ideal meeting room  booking solution like NeOffice works:

·      An employee can quickly and easily log into their hybrid workspace management application and check the availability of all meeting rooms depending on date, time, room capacity or availability of services like tech or sanitization.

 ·      Subject to availability, they may reserve the room and invite guests. At the appropriate time, they can check in to the meeting room. If there is a no show, the reservation can be cancelled automatically and made available to those who need it.

 ·      In case of postponement of the meeting, they can modify the date and time according to future availability. A workflow disinfection can also be started to ensure a clean room that others can use.

Along with the afore-mentioned pointers, here are a list of factors that needs to be taken into account while setting up your your meeting room booking system:

 Touchless sign-ins:

Contactless systems are quickly becoming essential to maintaining a hybrid workplace. With the right meeting room management software, you can select a meeting room from your laptop or mobile device. In addition, QR codes can also be used to check-in to the designated meeting room. You can also affix QR codes to any available resource in the meeting room for employees to access . It will also help you stay informed if someone has or has not checked in to their reserved conference room.

Data-first Solution:

To have a flawless meeting room reservation system, you need to be able to set up rules about who, how often and how far in advance you can book your meeting rooms. The solution should also be able to provide insights to queries like-How quickly are the meeting rooms booked? What workspaces are used the most frequently? etc. Based on data, your meeting room solution should recommend the best meeting room for the job, whether it’s multi-hand or one-on-one meetings, or even weekly review meetings.

 Ability to Integrate:

Integrating calendar tools  (like Outlook), Teams with a reservation solution makes it easy and is almost a mandate in order to create a streamlined reservation process when it comes to a hybrid work setup.

 Additional Resources:

Hosting a meeting requires more than just meeting space. You will also need additional equipment such as, for example, a projector, refreshments or notepads. Meeting room management software should allow you to reserve resources in the same transaction.

 Optimal Space Booking:

The goal of hybrid workplaces is to optimize office is to optimize space usage. The likelihood of wasting space dramatically decreases when meeting room scheduling is based on capacity. Information about individual meeting rooms makes it easy to find the right space.

In an era when companies are placing a greater emphasis on meeting rooms, effective meeting room management software is essential for an integrated hybrid workplace. With Agiledge NeOffice,  you can manage meeting rooms with flexibility and ease. Book a free demo with us at [email protected] to understand more about our offerings.

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