Employee Transport Software : Top Features to Consider



For any company that has a fleet of vehicles and employees, it’s important to have an employee transport software that helps you manage your vehicle and employees. This can be quite helpful, especially when you’re managing multiple locations or employees with different schedules. Since there are so many different options available.

we’ve put together this list of features that every employee transport software should have:


The employee management software will help your employees plan their days, create their schedules and manage their time. This is a great way to make sure that they are sticking to their schedule and staying on track. The employee management software will also make it easy for you to see when your employees are working from office and when they aren’t. 

Managers can use schedule to see who is going where, why, and when. This makes it easier for them to assign tasks accordingly and plan ahead for future projects or events that may need additional support from other employees.


Live Tracking Dashboard

A live tracking dashboard allows the user to view the location of all vehicles in real time. The admin can see current speed, location and fuel level on each vehicle as well as track drivers and vehicles. Live tracking dashboards allow for instant visibility into where your vechicles are at any given moment. This gives managers peace of mind knowing that their employees are safe while on the road, which makes them more productive when they arrive at their destination.

Speed Alert

Speed alert is a feature that can help to keep drivers safe. It alerts the driver when they go over the speed limit, and can be set by the fleet owner or company admin. For example, if the driver is driving in a new area and don’t know all of the roads yet, it’s good to have a speed alert set so that if someone speeds past you while going through an intersection or around an unfamiliar curve, your phone will notify you immediately so that no one gets hurt.

Digital Trip-sheets

Digital trip-sheets are a useful way to record trip details. They can be used to track fuel and mileage, but they’re also effective tools for recording any other relevant details, such as vehicle maintenance or driver behaviour.

A digital trip sheet is a simple way of keeping track of your business’s travel data. It’s essentially a spreadsheet that tracks all your vehicles’ movements over time–from where they’ve gone and how long they were there for (including stops), right down to what mileage has been accrued on each vehicle during its lifetime so far (and how much money those miles have cost). The result? A comprehensive picture of where all your money goes when it comes time for employee transport services–and more importantly, why!

Compliance Management

Compliance management is a key component of the fleet management process. It ensures that drivers and vehicles are in good working order and that all the relevant paperwork is up to date and available for inspection.

The Employee transport software enables Driver Compliance Module which tracks Police Verification, License Expiry, Badge Expiry, Etc.Vehicle Compliance Module which Cover RC Book, Insurance Expiry, PUC Expiry Etc.

SOS Alert

Our employee transport software is a comprehensive solution for managing the movement of your employees. You can use it to ensure that your employees are always safe, wherever they go. The Employee transport software enables employees to raise an SOS alert or from the driver from their mobile device. The alert will be sent to a contact list of emergency contacts, who can then send a reply message back to the employee. This will enable the employee to know they are safe and being helped.

Route Planning

Route planning is an important feature to look for in employee transport software. Route planning allows you to plan the most efficient route and make sure that your employees are able to reach their destinations safely and on time. You can do this manually or automatically, using a map or list of addresses, or both.


Employee Management

Employee transport software helps in employee management where employee data is stored with information on the cost and expense management, reporting manager etc. One can create unique business rules for each department which spells out if approval is required for booking a cab, how many no-shows are allowed etc. The system also provides an employee booking module which enables employees to book their own cabs and other modes of transport. This helps organizations to track the number of vehicles being used by each employee and also calculate the cost incurred due to this.

Another benefit is that these programs make it easier for managers and supervisors to communicate with their teams without having to spend hours trying different methods until finding one that works best for everyone involved (and then repeating this process every time there’s an update). It saves time when communicating in general because all information is stored centrally rather than being scattered throughout multiple emails or documents–but especially when working with large groups where communication could otherwise get unwieldly fast!

GPS Tracking System

A GPS tracking system is an essential tool for employee transport software. The GPS tracking system allows you to track your vehicles, employees and fleet. It also enables you to monitor deliveries in real-time and create alerts when something goes wrong. The Employee transport software also enables drivers to install the app on their mobile device with an inbuilt GPS device whose API can be used to communicate.

It is important that you have a reliable system that can provide accurate information about where your assets are at any given time. This will help you prevent theft or misuse of company property, save money by avoiding unnecessary expenses such as fuel consumption, reduce traffic congestion on roads (by reducing the number of vehicles) and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring the timely delivery of goods/services

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Analytics and reporting tools are a must-have for any employee transport software. This is because they help you to understand your business better, make data-driven decisions, measure the performance of your business and make better business decisions.

With analytics and reporting tools, you can track important metrics such as the number of employees who have used the service during a particular time period, the average distance travelled by each employee using this service or the average cost per kilometre (or mile).

Employee transport software can be quite helpful.

Employee transport software can be quite helpful. It’s a great way to manage your fleet of vehicles, as well as the employees who use them. It can help you track the vehicles and their movements, manage trips and bookings, keep tabs on fuel usage and more.


We hope this article has given you a good idea of what employee transport software can do for your business. There are so many features available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back with our Neooffice Employee Transport Management solution.

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