Everything you need to know about visitor management software

Visitor management

You would be surprised at how many companies lack a concerted effort to track visitors to their businesses. Sure, there are plenty of ways to remain connected with customers when they enter the premises, but if they are recording a temporary presence, it can make it more challenging to get them to return over time. If you want to attract repeat business and build customer loyalty, managing your visitors is something that you really can’t afford to ignore. It is more crucial than ever to set up a reliable system to keep track of who enters and exits your office. It’s critical to have mechanisms in place that not only streamline the employee and guest experience but also ensure everyone’s safety as organizations move back to in-office (or hybrid office) work.

In this post, we’ll discuss what visitor management software is, how it functions, and companies that can benefit from using it.

What is a visitor management system?

A programme that enables you to keep track of who enters and exits your business as well as create a more contemporary, simplified guest experience is known as visitor management software. The visitor management system is certainly familiar to you from visiting elegant offices with an iPad in the lobby, where you generally check in, obtain a badge, and get ready to meet your host. Everything from visitor registration to check-in procedures to maintaining a history of visitors is included in visitor management software (which, in light of COVID-19, can serve a dual purpose for contact tracing).

What makes visitor management software useful?

We’ve all gone to an office and signed in the conventional way, by writing our names on a clipboard at the front desk. Technically, “visitor management” refers to everything you do in your workplace to keep track of who comes and goes. However, employing a specific technology for visitor management would make things simpler and more efficient for both your company and your visitors. You can implement digital document signing, register visitors in advance, receive alerts when visitors arrive, and use many other tools.

Why is a visitor management system a necessity

Your visitor management system will be used by many different kinds of visitors. Any person who enters your space which is not an employee is essentially a visitor. Visitors may include potential workers, business partners, delivery personnel, clients, your plumber, and a variety of other people. In general, any business that frequently has visitors (who are not workers) entering and leaving the building would profit from having a visitor management system. The importance of team safety today makes this especially true. In addition to protecting your staff against COVID-19, having a system in place to track visitors to your office will make employees feel more at peace when they return to work.

What functions do visitor management systems have?

Register your guests in advance.

Imagine you are a hiring manager or recruiter who has a candidate for an interview coming in for a face-to-face meeting. Or perhaps you’re an account manager inviting a client to your workplace for a face-to-face meeting. As the host, you want it to be as simple as possible for your guests to locate your office, understand what to expect, and check in at the front desk. If they have a positive first encounter, it will be good for you and the business, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Using a visitor management application, your team may provide a memorable visit for visitors to the office. Additionally, employees may easily register visitors themselves, which relieves your office manager or HR team of some work. They can make sure that visitors receive an email with information about what to expect when visiting their office, including everything from parking guidelines to office reception area directions.

Customized guest check-in

Once your visitor has found the office reception area, they can easily check themselves in using an iPad or tablet that features your logo. This delivers a seamless, pleasurable experience right away and is a quick and simple method to trademark the welcome area. Since they are employing specialized software to make the sign-in process easier, customers will be able to view your brand and will see it as a tech-forward, modern business. It’s a nice shift from the archaic clipboard-based sign-in procedure.

Signing legal papers

Additionally, visitors can sign any required legal paperwork, such NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), using visitor management software before entering an office. All of this data can be gathered during the initial check-in workflow to make the experience seamless for both guests and your business (who no longer has to worry about organizing files of signed pages of legal documents). Additionally, visitors to your site will feel more secure knowing that any legal documents they sign are safely saved and documented.

Customized ID

You can ask visitors to take a photo with their smartphone or iPad during the final stage of check-in so that a badge can be printed right away. In the office, visitors may be quickly identified, adding an extra layer of protection. As well as streamlining the check-in process for both your guests and your office management staff, you’ve eliminated the tedious process of needing to physically type out and assemble a name tag or badge.

Employee notifications in real time

Not only does visitor management software give your visitors a wonderful experience, but it also improves the working environment for your staff members. Real-time information on a guest’s arrival is available to employees. A notification can be sent to them by email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. You’ll be able to greet your guests exactly when they’re ready because you’ll know when to expect them.

Keep your staff and office guests secure.

If the necessity arises, you can utilize visitor management software for contact tracing since it keeps track of who enters and exits your office. This way, you’ll know exactly who to inform if any member of your team or a visitor to your office reports having COVID-19.


Visitor management software offers a seamless, contemporary experience for both your team and visitors. Both your team and your visitors will enjoy the lobby experience more smoothly with the use of visitor management software. You can give visitors a wonderful first impression and an effective experience from the time they register to the time they leave—and beyond—by employing a tool to track visits.


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