What is a Hot Desking App and Why Should You Give It a Try?

Noeoffice Hot desking app

These days, flexible work policies are more prevalent. Employees may also spend a significant amount of the week without using their desks or workstations because they have the option to work from home, at least part-time. Such a scenario is the epitome of wasteful utilization of office space and corporate assets. But how can this issue be resolved? Hot desking app could, therefore, be the ideal option.

What exactly is hot desking?

This blog will examine this office management system and highlight its key benefits. We will also outline the factors that must be taken into account while implementing hot desking in order to maximize its advantages.

Why Do People Hot Desk?

In a flexible workspace with an organizing approach called hot desking, employees share the same workstations at different times rather than having personally assigned ones. To put it another way, when hot desking, the business sets up a co-working space with a collection of individual desks or a shared workspace. Any vacant space, desk, or workstation is temporarily occupied by an employee who visits the location as needed. They might go back to work the following day but sit at a different desk.

What are the key Advantages of Hot Desking

Since workplace flexibility and hot desking app are essentially synonymous, the former has several advantages. But in addition to adding to those advantages, hot desking also has certain special favourable consequences on its own

The key ones are as follows:

1. Lower prices

Businesses can save more on real estate by utilizing hot desking app. The figures are especially high for major businesses, which must rent enormous spaces to fit a few hundred (or perhaps thousands) of personal workstations for their workers. By creating a shared workspace, space may be used more efficiently, which lowers occupancy costs, such as those associated with utilities and property insurance.

2. Enhanced collaboration

Like nothing else, an open and shared workspace fosters employee collaboration. When professionals from different departments collaborate, the results can be even more positive because discussions between the disciplines often lead to more creative and practical solutions than discussions between people with similar viewpoints. Additionally, teamwork boosts intrinsic motivation to work on tasks and complete them, whilst information sharing helps employees become more competent. The hot desking app can therefore be a technique for increasing productivity and creativity.

3. Improved job satisfaction

Employers can mitigate the main drawback of remote work—the loss of social connections—by using hot desking. It gives workers an opportunity to socialize with their coworkers for a while. Hot desks can therefore improve team cohesiveness and make employees feel a little bit better about their social lives, which will ultimately affect their performance and loyalty.

Is Hot Desking Safe and Beneficial for You, then?

Hot desking app can be the ideal option for a variety of enterprises. As a result, shared office spaces are typically simpler to handle in smaller businesses where coworkers are generally well acquainted. However, even big businesses like Deloitte have done a good job of putting it into practice.

Here, organizational culture is important. So, before implementing hot desking, you should take into account the cultural features of the workplace as well as the size of your team, company needs, and individual interests:

  • Do you want to lower the cost of real estate?
  • Do you wish to encourage collaboration and drive innovation?
  • Is your workplace casual enough to function effectively under flexible conditions?
  • Do you permit remote work for your employees?
  • Do they consent to desk sharing?
  • Will you be able to designate distinct coworking spaces for team members whose activities can distract others?

There’s a good possibility that hot desking will work for you if you choose “yes” to at least some of these questions

How to Implement Hot Desking App?

Make a policy and explain the regulations

What does hot desking mean for your company? How will it be implemented? Will it apply to every employee, or just specific departments and groups? Will those who work from hot desks have additional duties to accomplish and procedures to follow? Give a thorough (but succinct) explanation of the procedures and rules, and don’t forget to inform your personnel as well.

Use the hoteling approach

Use the hoteling approach, which indicates that a person has to reserve a desk for a specific amount of time, to ensure that everyone eager to attend the office has a place to work. By doing this, you’ll be able to balance your team’s demands with available office resources and prevent congestion.

Create a distinct meeting space using zones

Distractions ought to be minimized, if not completely avoided. In order to prevent them, it is preferable to designate a separate location for each potential source. Additionally, you may create bookable meeting spaces and secure particular zones for those who require them to cooperate (at least temporarily) in order to assist staff collaborate more effectively and receive top-notch training.

Keep the common computers sanitized

The worry about contracting the coronavirus is still very strong. You must therefore pay close attention to keeping desks organized and spotless. Equip each workstation with a safety package that includes hand sanitisers, antiseptic wipes, and cleaning materials to lower the risk of healthcare-related incidents. Before and after each workday, remind your team members to disinfect the assigned desks and wear face masks. Check the body temperature of the staff at the entrance, and don’t forget to set up the desks in accordance with the principles of social distance. Create a section in your hot desking app policy highlighting the significance of excellent cleaning and self-protection behaviours at work to ensure that everyone is aware of the safety needs.

Give people access to technology.

For proper hot desking, technology is a necessity. As a result, furnish your office space with high-speed internet and functional office equipment. Ensure that every employee has access to the collaboration and project management tools they require in order to communicate with one another and stay informed about team activities.

Neoffice offers a hot desking solution that is easy to use, flexible and cost-effective. The system allows you to place your desk anywhere in the office, at any time. You can also book meeting rooms, conference rooms or even the entire office with just a few clicks.

In addition to saving money and making better use of space, hot desking app promotes collaboration among employees by encouraging them to work together in an open plan office environment. This can help boost productivity by removing barriers between departments and providing opportunities for new ideas and processes to emerge from spontaneous conversations between coworkers who may not normally interact on a daily basis.

Neoffice Hybrid Workplace Management Solution

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