The ultimate guide to getting back to work post pandemic : Tips & Tricks

back to work tips & tricks

Each workplace has its own set of perks & challenges. Catching-up with your favorite co-workers and having someone spill-the tea over coffee breaks, meeting deadlines or just having your own space where you can focus on your own job-related responsibilities.

When all this was taken away from us last year, some people coped well with the change, while others struggled. As the pandemic progressed & unleashed its wrath, all of us found safety in the solace of our homes. While some of us still enjoy the privilege of working from our comfort zone, there is a lot to consider for people gradually returning to work. All the apprehensions & anticipations are very real as we take baby steps into the “new normal of working.”

Let’s walk you through some of our tips & tricks that will make this process easier for you.

Communication is the game-changer:

It’s completely OK to feel a little lost and restless in returning to work amidst all the chaos. Be upfront in communicate openly with your HR and your reporting manager about the concerns that you might and get some clarity. Curb your anxiety by educating yourself on the newly rolled-out compliance & safety guidelines. Re-acquaint yourself on the amended safety protocols, employee support channels & flexible timelines & workspace policies (such as social distancing, office layout changes etc.)

Be guilt-free in setting personal boundaries:

Being a creature of habit, it might feel unusual and even disrespectful at times to not heed to the societal norms by which we are brought up. Remember it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Be sure to politely spell it out if people step into your personal space. Don’t’ shy away from practicing and advocating social distancing in case your colleagues are lax in adhering to the COVID regulations. Keep sanitizing, mask-up and re-organize your work setup in a way that it establishes ample physical distance from others.

Acknowledge the change and gear-up:

Give yourself a pep-talk and mentally prep-up about getting back to your workplace. Although after a year, lounging in your jammies all-day might seem tempting, try slowly easing back to your old routine. Get your sleep schedule back-on-track and spruce by your wardrobe. Connecting with like-minded individuals on mental-wellbeing in social media platforms might help calm your nerves. Consider adding a personal touch to your cubicle, with small, indoor plants or snapshots is known to bring down stress levels and induce happy hormones.

Don’t be afraid to reach out:

Lack of human interaction and the constantly looming uncertainties is sure to bring anyone down. Seek help immediately if you are feeling emotionally challenged and are unable to manage your daily schedule. Venting out your thoughts & emotions onto a journal every single day will definitely make you feel better. Finally, keep in mind that we are all in this together and will come out stronger than before.

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