How to get the best out of Conference Rooms? Key insights to manage it effectively

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Meeting rooms are where confluence of ideas happen, offering a quiet respite for people to concentrate on the business matters at hand without interruption or distractions. where people meet & brainstorm to create strategies to market their product or service. It is space that connects stakeholders with their clients. With remote working has become the norm today, employees are finding it immensely difficult to collaborate and engage with their colleagues through just video conferencing. Nothing beats “face-to-face” meetings, and enabling them will be important for businesses in the post-pandemic scenario. One way to do it is through intuitive and effective meeting room scheduling systems.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common issues with booking and maintaining conference room schedules, as well as the benefits of using meeting room booking software to make meetings a reality for your employees.


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Challenges with maintaining and booking meeting rooms

One of the most common complaints is difficulty in scheduling a meeting room when you need one. With technological advancement, meetings have become more prevalent, as they serve as a bridge between hybrid teams and clients.

No shows:

These are rooms where meeting slots were booked and abandoned because the meeting got cancelled, the parameters of the meeting changed, or the parties involved skipped a recurring event. The most difficult aspect of no-show bookings is that they can affect every other booking in the office and the space always remains under-utilized.

Other meetings that could have made good use of this are unable to do so because of lack of clarity and visibility and end up utilizing conference spaces that doesn’t fit their bill (bigger or smaller rooms with lack of facilities that they require)


In other cases, a small meeting space setup results in overcrowding of people. There might also be a scenario where a single room is being constantly availed by multiple parties and there might be constant juggling of that space which might leads to a lot of friction and miscommunication between the stakeholders. Lack of time -management and overuse might cause lapse in meeting the protocols for cleaning and equipment management.

There might also be times when a team or individuals soliciting a ‘quiet space’ end up taking up the space without prior booking, thus hampering the possibility of properly using the space for departments with a necessity.

In order to solve all these problems, our Neoffice : Conference Room Booking feature from will be of mighty help. This will aid in streamlining the process of scheduling and maintaining your conference rooms without any mismanagement. Booking software are a good investment option to consider for companies who are switching to a hybrid working environment.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Unlike manual booking, where forms need to be filled and mediators are required to assign a meeting space, automated booking systems eliminates any chance of discrepancies. Issues like impromptu meetings and last-minute booking can be done hassle-free without creating any friction between departments.

In event of a meeting getting cancelled, the tendency to forget about the booking is much stronger in the manual method. With an interactive booking system coming into play, this can be avoided and re-routed to other teams who want to opt for this facility.

 Agiledge NeOffice features at-a-glance:

Simple, interactive & easy to use: Using our simple interface on the mobile app, am employee or team lead can easily visualize the floor plan and make a booking. Let’s take the use case of Reena, an Accounts manager who wants to book a meeting room to collaborate and finalize the quarterly audit reports. She can click on the meeting room tab on the app and select the date, time and the office building she requires. The title of the meeting, as well as the number of guests and their email addresses, can be entered, after which a notification will be sent to them. If sanitization or refreshments are required that can also be included. Once she completes all this, she can simply click on “book now” and its done.

Real-time data for analysis: Since conference room bookings are extremely dynamic and keeps on changing, employee can make use of the latest information that is available on the app to understand who is at office, where they are seated, and what is the free meeting space that is available.

 Maximizes Utility value: The major challenge in a hybrid workplace is to enhance space management so that there is enough ROI to manage real-estate costs.  The booking room feature in NeOffice makes this possible by automatically placing valuable spaces back into common pool if there is any “no show” or cancelled meetings.

Seamless Integration of people & places: Our app helps in bringing everyone on-board by flawlessly integration through meeting room calendars. Reminders, notifications and updates can be managed under one single umbrella.

Minimal manual intervention: Contactless automation system is fast becoming the yardstick in offices to main a safe & healthy workplace. With the optimal use of scheduling apps like NeOffice, bookings can be done in a matter of minutes using mobiles or laptop saving both time & effort.

Easy Integration of Apps: Meetings can be more easily organized when a powerful office communication tool also functions as a booking system. Integrations with messaging apps such as Slack or Microsoft Teams are trademark features that are unique in our automatic meeting room booking system.

 Data Analytics for better understanding: With the help of user-generated data, the organization can be cognizant of how its employees are scheduling spaces in the office and make data-driven decisions to plan and make adjustments to switch to a flexible model of working.

Contact tracing: Organization’s prime responsibility today is to take utmost care about the health and wellbeing of their employees. By employing the contract tracing facet on our app, companies will be able to trace check-ins, check-outs and room bookings to take informed decisions and limit exposures in case of emergencies. 

At a day and stage where workplace scenarios are constantly evolving, it is really important to integrate a functional scheduling & booking systems to improve efficacy in employee communication and collaboration. Practical solutions like these will help for employers and employees alike to transition back to a stress-free workplace.

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 Agiledge NeOffice is complete hybrid workplace automation solutions that enables organization to manage their Seat or Desk inventory. Employees can be rostered to seat or allowed to hot desk or hotel their seats. They could also book their parking slots, cafeteria seats and meeting room booking. The solution is cloud hosted and available as a mobile app (iOS & android) and web app.