How can offices benefit from hot desking or desk sharing?

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People working at their desks in office

In Hot desking , there is no permanent assignment of employee seats -instead, people can take up a desk of their choice from what’s available. The aim is to provide flexibility in workspaces, allowing employees to move around the office to adapt to different daily activities, to work directly with a team or to collaborate with several colleagues and to work in the most suitable area for current projects or objectives.

For companies, this is a great way to improve employee morale by giving them autonomy over their workplace. There are no fixed desks or floor plans, and so when remote workers visit the office or colleagues drop in from elsewhere, they can book their own workspace and socialise with their colleagues. This can make them feel more like a part of the team while also making the best use of available office space.

Since many employees work from home, visit other office locations, or attend meetings, not every employee requires a permanent desk. Hot desking can assist businesses in making the most of their office space by eliminating empty desk space.

As a result, hot desking benefits everyone. Mentioned below are a few key attributes of hot desking that will contribute towards making your workplace successful.

Help Reduce Costs: The formula is simple: if a workspace is more productive, you will pay less for it. In contrast to paying for office space when many desks are vacant, hot desking allows you to reduce your footprint to the number of desks that are being used each day. When it comes to hybrid working, having shared desk spaces & equipment saves you money on expansion and maximises the revenue potential of a fixed cost you already have.

 Maximizes Utility: Hot desks offer a creative and efficient means of making the most of your available space. With a new perspective on your office space – its utilization time – you begin to see ways to accommodate more people with the same amount of space by using flexible desk arrangements.

Improves Accommodation: The vast majority of remote workers, consultants, part-timers, and interns in a few enterprises won’t need desks of their own. A hot desk then becomes the perfect solution as it gives them a place to work wherever they are, however they want.

Provides Newness: Desk Sharing is an excellent opportunity for employees to reinvent themselves and their routines that is in line with their office culture and collaboration. The freedom that comes with choosing the way they want to work will also help employees in building a positive reinforcement with their organizations.


Hot desking can open an array of opportunities for a hybrid workplace if you understand employee requirements and align them with your workplace strategy. With NeOffice Desk Booking System, you can simply tap the screen and choosing when and where you want to book a desk. Our centralized hot-desking solution solves overbooking, under-utilization, and conflicts between workspaces, as well as making it easy for employees to find workspaces.

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