What is a Office Hoteling App? And why do you need it?

Office hoteling

Employees may return to work, but their traditional desks may not be there to greet them. Experts say more companies are considering an office hoteling setup that eliminates assigned desks and workstations, as many employers embrace a hybrid model that allows more flexibility.

What is a hoteling app?

The word “hoteling” originated in 1989 with Ernst & Young pioneering to create a cost-saving alternative for their workspaces. Hoteling is a space allocation method that allows businesses to support employees who spend the majority of their time away from the office without having to provide them with permanent office space. Instead, hoteling allows such employees by reserving their seats for a stipulated period of time when they need to be at their workplace.

Office Hoteling:

Office hoteling, as the name implies, is similar to that of a hotel reservation. As opposed to a fixed seating setup, based on the desired attributes like date, time, location etc.. desks are booked in advance using a booking software for Office Hoteling, that are then utilized by employees during their scheduled time.

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How can a hoteling app benefit your business?

Many company strategies include office hoteling, which provides flexible services, amazing coworking spaces, and great collaboration spaces. By centralising workstations inside the organisation, this helps bring remote workers back into the office. Redefining workplace spaces and resources is the primary objective of office hoteling.

Ø Getting the Most Out of Your Office Space: One of the primary reasons that businesses explore office hoteling is to improve their bottom line. The office space formerly required to accommodate a whole company will no longer be required by creating a hybrid workplace environment where employees divide time at home. A good mix of hotel desks, traditional workstations, and other dynamic areas leads to optimal space utilisation, especially when backed up by workplace measurements that depict improved usage trends.

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Ø Empowers employees & improves workplace culture : By proving improved flexibility in workplaces, employees feel more seen and empowered. It demonstrates that supervisors and corporations trust people to do well in their jobs, resulting in a greater sense of autonomy and happiness. At the same time, in a hoteling setting, interactions between colleagues become more diversified, resulting in stronger and more diverse connections.

Ø Heightened efficiency & productivity: The availability of hoteling office space for open office environments, activity-based offices, and flexible working environments is not only beneficial, but also essential for smooth daily operations and enhancing employee experience. Fixed seating or hot desking no longer work in offices with a large number of employees, resulting in all desks being occupied when employees arrive at work. By taking advantage of office hoteling, employees can efficiently plan their workdays.

Ø Enables easy networking: Use of office hoteling solutions has shown a marked increase in productivity. In particular, this is beneficial for creative and knowledge-based jobs that can now be conducted from anywhere without compromising focus or productivity. If employees work close to one another, communication and collaboration improve. Through the ease of communication, barriers disappear and ideas flow more freely.

Ø Increased Choices to work across locations: For major enterprises with several corporate campuses and worldwide satellite offices, office hoteling allows workers to work from anywhere in the globe while still having access to the resources they require. Having a unified experience across locations may assist enhance comfort, attention, and productivity when working in a new environment, especially for employees who need to travel to various sites every year.

So, what are the essential things to remember when implementing office hoteling ?

Hoteling app in offices are highly successful when your company has the right technology to support them. It is also important to consider implementing technology for each individual workspace or establishing spaces within the office where employees can use these resources.

 The easiest way for management to figure out how many workplaces they’ll need is to figure out how many employees will need office access on any given day. Furthermore, based on the sort of job each individual has and the responsibilities that come with it, it will be possible to assess whether or not they need to be in the office regularly or not.

Companies must also consider future office expansion and personnel demands for hoteling arrangements, which may change over time.

Office Hoteling programs need desk booking software that provides ease of access to employees and administrators. Bring in a Space Management Tool to keep track of how your desks are being used. Analyse how much time each workstation is used so you can figure out which spaces on your office campus are the most popular and plan for future floorplan changes.

Agiledge NeOffice is complete hybrid workplace automation solution that enables organization to manage their Seat /Desk inventory. Employees can be rostered to seat or allowed to hot desk or hotel their seats. They could also book their parking slots, cafeteria seats and meeting room booking. The solution is cloud hosted and available as a mobile app and web app and integrates with Outlook, Slack etc..

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