How to choose desk booking software for your flexible workplace

As the advantages of remote working for businesses and their employees have become more obvious during the coronavirus pandemic, more firms are embracing hybrid working. A desk booking system that works well is crucial for managing workplaces and guaranteeing optimal utilisation. We’ll outline the top six characteristics to consider when selecting desk reservation software in this blog.

In order to successfully move to this future workplace, businesses will require fresh approaches to encourage novel approaches to work. Workers need to be given the ability to choose their own working style to assist management in managing resources and sustaining productivity. While at this, a strong desk booking system is a crucial component of the answer you require.

How to select desk booking app

Employees can reserve a desk or workplace for a specific date and time using the desk booking system. A desk booking system enables firms to use space flexibly to guarantee maximum utilisation rather than assigning each employee a set work location to use permanently. So, how then can you pick desk booking software that fulfils all of your requirements?

Look for a variety of reservation options.

The best desk reservation app can adapt to any changes in business needs since it is adaptable and provides a wide range of reservation features. Desk reservation software that allows both hot desking and desk hoteling, for instance, can be advantageous to your company. While desk hoteling is a more official booking system that allows in-advance bookings, hot-desking allows workplaces to be used on an as-needed basis. You could want to build up different booking systems for each of your office’s “neighbourhoods” or zones.

Employees should be able to reserve any form of the workplace, from individual desks to meeting and conference rooms, with the help of desk reservation software that is simple to use. Users of NeOffice’s user-friendly software can reserve a variety of workspaces and manage visitors and parking lots. Make sure the programme has the ability to be customised to your needs and integrated with other office applications.

Think about the user experience

Mobile technology is essential for an agile workforce. You must take into account this mobile-first user experience when looking at the desk reservation app and choose a programme that makes it simple and quick to reserve a workspace from a mobile device or laptop. 90 per cent of users cease using an app if it performs poorly, according to recent research. They are five times more likely to give up on a task if a website is not suited for mobile devices

Strong system integrations should be given top priority.

When new company software is being thought about, system integration is frequently neglected. However, without it, your company’s productivity, efficiency, and chances for expansion would be compromised. If a brilliant new piece of software cannot effortlessly interface with existing systems, it may need significant human and financial resources to implement and may not deliver the most cutting-edge innovations. Search for desk reservation software that can work with your current systems. 

Typical integration specifications include Tools for scheduling events, like Google Calendar. Tools for communication, such as MS Teams or Slack.

A business’s technology requirements typically change as it expands. Your company undoubtedly depends on at least a couple of additional crucial systems. Make a list of these and make sure any desk booking app you are considering can interface with them, either automatically or by customisation. Enhancing office scheduling and providing visitors and employees with a smooth experience can be accomplished by seamlessly integrating all of your favourite workplace management solutions

Prioritize reporting and analytics

Desk-usage indicators will be crucial for the leadership and HR departments of an organisation when deciding how to manage workspaces and distribute resources. The statistics can show, for instance, that while members of the content team visit the office considerably less frequently and are happy to work alone, members of the marketing team frequently come in and like to sit together. The leadership team can adjust the designated areas to give the marketing team more bookable space than the content team.


Look for real-time control of workstation and workspace capacity.

The fact that hybrid working enables firms to reduce their office space and overhead costs is only one of the many reasons why so many are choosing to adopt this model over others in the long run. It is possible to make better use of the workplace and drastically minimise “wasted” space by comprehending how people use it.

The management team should be able to more effectively manage the workforce with the aid of desk reservation software. This will facilitate an organization’s cleaning procedures while also assisting in cost management for office space and personnel safety. Despite the loosening of government laws concerning COVID-19, hygiene and health continue to rank highly among businesses’ and employees’ objectives. A desk reservation app allows for continuous monitoring of the cleaning of each workspace to guarantee that the highest standards are upheld. To make sure workspaces are used in accordance with corporate policies, individual permissions and booking restrictions can also be put in place

Quickly adaptable to any type of workplace

Perhaps the most important element to consider when picking desk reservation software is the ease of configuration. An off-the-shelf solution may initially save you some money but you’ll spend a lot of time and money trying to get it to perform the way you need it to, usually to no avail. A tool that can be fully customised, on the other hand, will provide a considerably more impressive return on investment because it can be set up from the start to match the unique needs of your company.

Neoffice software enables a variety of work settings, including business and healthcare settings. To accommodate all working styles, the system includes hot, fixed, and flexible customizable desk kinds.

Key considerations while selecting a desk booking app

Customizability is essential.

You’ll get the most return on your investment if you can personalise your desk reservation app so that it complies with corporate requirements without a hitch.

Variety of reservation options

Will the software enable the leadership team to oversee every aspect of the workplace as necessary, for instance, via hot desking and desk hoteling?

Easy end-user experience

Will the UX encourage the best possible system use? Users may leave a website if it is not mobile-friendly or if the booking procedure is difficult and cumbersome.

Adaptation to current tools

You may need to spend a lot of time and money manually integrating new software if it is not made to work with old systems.

Readily available and useful analytics

The leadership team will be able to manage workspaces effectively with the use of desktop booking software that shows useful desk-usage information in an intuitive manner.

Managing workplace capacity

Understanding how employees use the office will help employers reduce overhead and reduce the size of their facility.

Neoffice desk  booking software

With the Neoffice desk booking system, you can find and book your preferred desk on our interactive floor plan which replicates your actual design in the office. Neoffice is the only hybrid workplace software solution which offers solutions to every use case for seat planning. You can schedule employees to seat, create seating rosters, and do hot desking or hoteling. 

Neoffice is built with a suite of workspace tools that help employees choose how and where they work while providing organizations with a platform to manage their hybrid workplace with ease and complete control.

The solution comes with 9 features on one single app – Team planner to manage a collaborative effort for a team, Seat Scheduling, Meeting room Booking, Hot Desking, Car park Slot Booking, Digital cafeteria to pre-order your meals at work, Employee commute solution, Survey forms. All Features are modular and the client can choose to subscribe to the relevant solution.

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Neoffice is the only hybrid software solution which offers all facilities which an employee needs to pre-book before coming to the office all on one single interface. Available as a mobile app and web app.