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The last two years have been eventful to the history of mankind to say the least. While the COVID-19 pandemic  wreaked havoc on the everyone ‘s health and the  health management systems of countries around the world, a significant consequence of this pandemic was the change in the way we worked.

 Work from home transitioned from just being a perk to some sectors to a new normal for all in organisations – big or small. What many expected  that is disruption to work to be a temporary situation turned into a long period away from the workplace.

 However, with widespread vaccinations and the easing of COVID restrictions across most countries, there has been a shift to move back to working from the office in a phrased manner, with hybrid work which gives the employee the choice to choose days they work from home or office being the new normal .

 Companies on their part have had to realign many of their employee related  policies and procedures to ensure the safe return of employees to the workplace. Social distancing, sanitization protocol, adherence to safety guidelines etc are becoming second nature for most employees.


 Catering for the returning employees

 One of the areas where there has been the most significant change is on the aspect of in office dining at the office cafeteria

 With employees coming back to work on campuses with the new protocols in place, changes in the catering and dining system are unavoidable. Many organisations have been able to make the change and move seamlessly to meet the new requirements through digitisation of the cafeteria.

 Prior to COVID, a digital cafeteria was a choice, but now it’s a necessity, else you can’t manage crowding of cafes

 The benefits of cafeteria digitisation

 An end-to-end food management program for corporates enables the next-gen digitized cafeteria. The robust solution can lead to more efficient and transparent food service management for corporates and vendors, and convenient food ordering and delivery for employees.

 For Organisations

 Cafeteria digitisation leads to increase in transparency and efficiency, as well the opportunity to improve the employee experience. Seamless integration with the facilities or admin system can enable easy management of employee benefits including setting up eligibility limits and of fully-paid, part-paid, or reimbursement rules for different categories of employees. Also, the admin has far more realistic feedback on the services provided at the cafeteria and also better visibility of sales at the cafeteria.

 For employees

Employees get the power of ordering from an app and tracking the progress of their food. They can choose to pick it up from the vendor after they get a ‘Ready’ notification or get it delivered to their desk. This means less time spent in queues or in crowded cafeterias while waiting to pick up their order. Contactless ordering also helps in minimizing the touching of surfaces to add another layer of safety to the ordering process. Thereby giving them complete contactless  convenience.

 For Food Vendors

No return to work or cafeteria digitisation solution can work without the buy-in and cooperation of the those who work to make the food happen – the vendors. A digitisation solution can help them improve their service in many ways. Additions and variations to the menu can be easily modified and broadcast on the app, giving employees more choice. Precise ordering and process tracking adds to efficiency and less wastage. Every aspect of the food process can be tracked and audited – from supplies to final delivery to every financial transaction A comprehensive cafeteria digitisation solution can help make the return-to-work process seamless, efficient, and much more convenient to all the stakeholders – corporates, vendors and employees.

Agiledge Neoffice is suite of features to manage a hybrid office work model. It incorporates seat management , meeting room booking , car park slot booking , cafeteria seat booking , Book my meal , Visitor management system , Team planner all in one app,

Our book my meal is a feature which helps employee pre book their meal from the different cafeteria in your canteen. Once the booking is done the vendor get the information of the quantity of different meals ordered and can do his planning accordingly. Once the employee picks up the meal from the counter they can scan the QR code confirming receipt of the meal.

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