Choosing the right technology for hybrid workspace management

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Benefits of opting for NeOffice Hybrid Solution

With flexible workplace becoming the new norm of working organizations are in dire need to adapt towards a hybrid working environment that is satisfactory to the employees and the management alike. With hybrid work coming into play, gone are the times when quick impromptu meetings and tea-time catchups led the way to make work-related decisions. Right now, creating a sense of coherence and purpose to ensure a safe return of employees using office management software, is important for all enterprises.

Many workspace management solution are coming in to change the game, but finding the right fit for your organization is important to improve productivity and sustain in the long run. One requires a sustainable tool that successfully manages both capacity management and legal & safety compliance at a competent price. Read on to understand how our NeOffice solution helps with workspace management.

A single platform to assist all key stakeholders:

Hybrid office requirements vary across different verticals in an organization and NeOffice has your back when it comes to providing the things required for all stakeholders. Be it checking the availability of the employees to work based on health and declaration for the HR department; meeting social distancing guidelines and facility management for Admin team; or ensuring business needs are fulfilled through employee scheduling for Operations – our solution has everything covered.

Rapid Set-Up and Deployment:

We have a robust team that cater to your customized needs and overcome your business challenges. Every business is unique and due diligence from a problem-solution perspective is required to make a hybrid setup work.  We have multiple options that can be customised based on your business size and requirements to manage multiple teams & projects, and safeguard your business continuity with ease.

Enabling Data-Driven decision making :

Data plays a major role in the post-pandemic era where for companies to take a call on who has to work in-office and who doesn’t. The use of modern analytics and a digitised workplace offer ways to make previously unmeasurable performance more apparent. With the help of our health declarations surveys, employee feedback forms and contact tracing metrics companies can now identify vulnerable employee groups and also monitor potential disengagement of remote workers.

Dynamic dashboards:

You will be able to access real-time data and know where your personnel are, when they sign in/out, who has which desk or conference room, and who is following safety standards and who isn’t — all from a single dashboard for easy planning across all locations. With the help of these centralized cloud data there is no imminent need to share manual data back-and forth, as all the important stakeholders like HR, team leads and managers will have access to these resources.

Network map of social distancing:

Manage social distancing with our tech solution and build a healthy culture of maintaining social distancing amongst employees. Using proven Bluetooth technology, both in-office social distancing and contact tracing can be carried out to match legal and policy requirements while effectively managing operational risks. Any two individuals coming within 6 ft of distance, will be alerted through the app and hence can avoid coming in close-quarters with each other. The company can continuously monitor close contact events across the workplace enabling speedy contact tracing in the event a team member gets infected.

Easy integration with other solutions:

Our workspace management software offers easy integration with your existing software or technology like Microsoft, Slack etc.., end enables you to easily adapt to the new normal of working. Hence, there is no issue of suspending your existing or overriding your current working mechanism. This can also save you hours of manual effort spent on employee rostering, capacity management and other mundane tasks.

As employees return-to-office, there needs to be a well-laid-out plan with the right technology partner to get all your bases covered. Our NeOffice software go beyond just simple compliance monitoring to offer a tech-savvy and cost-effective solution. We not just offer insights, but also a complete bundle of workplace tools that allows for significant time savings during implementation and adoption of new hybrid work practices.

Agiledge NeOffice is complete hybrid workplace automation solutions that enables organization to manage their Seat /Desk inventory. Employees can be rostered to seat or allowed to hot desk or hotel their seats. They could also book their parking slots, cafeteria seats and meeting room booking. The solution is cloud hosted and available as a mobile app (iOS & android) and web app.

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